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Mindless Gothic Gen X Skateboard Black - 9"

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Sale price€47,95

For too long riders have been faced with expensive limited options for Standard King Pin trucks when riding wider decks that require 159mm trucks. We at Mindless decided to change that. A larger truck with good geometry shouldn’t cost double.

The Gothic is one of three completes that feature our exclusive 159mm Gen-X trucks.
It’s the longest and widest deck of the three at 33.5” x 9.25”.
Stable with plenty of foot space for carving hard & stomping flyouts. Equally a great commuter / cruiser, with a traditional 7ply Canadian Maple construction, it’s happy in every situation. Fitted with 86a Sucka wheels it can handle some rougher terrain than your conventional skateboard.

Type of Board
Directional Street

Dimensions and Wheelbase
Length: 33.5”
Width: 9.25”
Wheelbase: 14.5”

Deck construction and info
7ply Canadian Maple

Mindless 159mm Gen-X Trucks

95a Conical & Barrel

Mindless Sucka Wheels. 55 x 35mm CP: 24mm 86A

ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings

Maximum Rider Weight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Archie H.
Perfect Board

This board is blissful to ride, glides over any bumpy surface like as if it was smooth. Also for £40 in the sale its a conplete bargain but if you're reading this when its back to £130 full price it is still absolutely worth it. Arrived quickly and good condition, postage was signed for so they can ensure nobody steals it. Would definately reccomend

Marcin B.

Great product

Fraz R.
Suits me well

I'll be 50 in a few years so after getting back into skating with the new skatepark being built a normal sided board just felt too twitchy. I tried a wider board but figured I needed something longer and not wanting to spend too much to figure out what I wanted, I bought this. It's a 16" wheelbase not whatevers advertised, I've changed to stiffer bushings on the trucks as I'm close to 100kg and put on some harder wheels better suited to the skatepark. I can ollie more comfortably and higher and just feel more confident on it. I'll probably try a 15"-16" wheelbase deck next.
Speedy delivery from rollersnakes upto Aberdeenshire and asked for a review more than a week after once I'd got a feel for the board. I'd happily buy from them again, unless my local shop stock something more suited to my phatt azz. Cheers Fraz

Peter L.
Awesome value and great smooth ride

Awesome value and great smooth ride. Have since brought more from website👍🏼

James f.
Get it

It's well sick, just as good as my board I built myself, for a quater the price, Can go over any road, even on the uk wjere the roads are terrible, good for transition skating amd just riding about